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From concept to calibration, Robbins can help you achieve your entertainment system goals, whatever they might be. From a living room upgrade to a full-blown theater room, we have the design and installation training and experience to create a system that moves you, without blowing the budget.

3D Design

Robbins can create a 3D design incorporating your room’s properties before the first wire gets pulled. This helps us to give you a predictable outcome with a unified workflow including builders, carpenters, electricians, and interior designers. That unfinished room can be planned to the inch with minimal time and expense before any other purchase is made. You’ll know what it will look like from the inside, and what the view will be from each seating position. This advanced approach allows us to deliver an optimal screen size, audio design, and seating plan for each client’s situation. Contact us to see a demonstration.

Video Diagrams

Click below to view some video diagrams of our 3D design service.



“Home Theater” means different things to different people. Some believe “Home Theater” begins at $25,000. Some believe “Home Theater” means more than two speakers. We believe it is an enhanced audio and video experience, regardless of budget. If you watch a movie there, it is a “Home Theater” environment. Whether it’s a TV or audio system upgrade, an all-in-one remote control, or a twenty seat butt-shaking edge-of-your-seat experience, it’s all under the “Home Theater” and the Robbins umbrella.