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Low-Voltage Pre-Wiring

There’s only one time when a home can get the best infrastructure for the lowest cost: during construction. We’ve been installing low-voltage cabling systems for years and seen them evolve from the old basic job to today’s structured wiring standards. Understanding the needs not only of today, but tomorrow, requires a low-voltage specialist, and we are it. Most electrical contractors see this very important part of a home as a “necessary evil”, because it is not easy to do properly, and requires special tools, equipment, materials, and frequent training to stay current. Robbins has become a “right-hand” to many of these electrical contractors when it comes to low-voltage cabling because it is our specialty. Not only do we help “future-proof” your home, preventing obsolescence, but we “qualify” each cable. This makes certain each cable passes the high-speed data and RF signals needed by modern and future electronic systems. What happens if a cable is defective or is damaged after installation? We can tell you this before the walls are finished, in time for a proper solution. We are the residential low-voltage specialists. Call us for an estimate and to find out more.