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The antenna is back!

The best TV picture currently comes from a Blu-Ray disc.  But the next best picture comes from a broadcast TV antenna.  It sounds crazy, but the old-style TV antennas outperform cable and satellite systems.  This is because the broadcasters don’t compress the signal the way the cable and satellite guys do.  All digital systems look and sound really good, but a broadcast antenna with proper installation can provide decades of very high-quality service with no monthly fees!

Consider a broadcast antenna for the best in local channel reception.   They are virtually immune to weather conditions and more reliable than cable and satellite systems.  Robbins began as a TV antenna service, and continues this tradition today.  We are one of the few companies specializing in and installing broadcast TV reception equipment in homes and businesses.  We know how to install and which equipment to use for various conditions.

Many types of mounts are used for TV antennas, including tripods, gable mounts, towers, and more.  We stock all these options as well as amplifiers, rotators, cabling, and everything else to pull in as much signal as possible to deliver the best picture.  Call us for an estimate and an honest prediction of channel reception based on your location.