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Robbins Satellite & Antenna knows satellite systems. Our company began in the days when a broadcast TV antenna was the only way to receive TV service. We progressed through the age of the ten-foot “C-band” dishes, and into today’s small dishes with thousands of digital channels available. We can help you maximize your programming dollar while making the most of your hardware, including HDTVs and audio systems. We know satellite systems!

We offer everything under the sun in satellite TV systems, including 3D, HD, international, and sports programming. All TV programming ends up on a satellite at some point. If you have cable service, the cable company gets their signal via satellite, then pushes it over miles of cable to your home or business. With satellite service, you get a direct signal from the satellite with no loss in picture or sound quality, for a lot less than cable!

We can deliver solutions in any residential or commercial application. Whether it’s a small weekend getaway or an institutional setting, we can design, install, and service a system to meet and exceed your expectations.

Robbins offers Dish Network and DirecTV services to satisfy your needs for your favorite programming, even hard-to-find sports and international packages. If you need service on-the-move, we even have systems for RVs and boats to keep you informed and entertained, and even connected to the Internet while you travel.

Dish Network

Dish Network offers the lowest all-digital price in America, with 200+ HD channels! There’s a programming package for everyone with Dish Network’s solid core packages and movie offerings. If sports or international programming interests you, check out Dish’s wide array of specialty programming. Call us for details on how Dish Network fits your family or business and your budget!

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With DIRECTV, you can get over 285 of your favorite TV channels. Movies, sports, family programming. You also get access to 130+ full-time HD channels, every NFL game, exclusive shows, and a world of international programming. Call us for details on fitting a DirecTV system into your home or business.

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