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Wireless networks offer productivity, convenience, and cost advantages over wired networks in many applications. They provide mobility, ease of use, installation ease and simplicity, and cost savings. With no extra cable to pull, a wireless network is deployed quickly and efficiently. A wired network is usually preferable only where critical applications require the utmost reliability and speed and increased cost is acceptable. Lucky for you, we install those too!


Most Robbins residential customers choose a wireless network for typical residential uses like email and web browsing. Wireless security is configured at no extra charge. We install a wireless router on any internet system at the time of system installation for $99 parts and labor, and include a 2-year manufacturers warranty at no extra cost. Try to find that at the big box!


The same benefits of wireless networks are at play in commercial environments, too. Workers and customers find the mobility and ease of use of wireless to be essential to productivity. Whether you need to connect multiple buildings to your network or just multiple rooms, we can provide a secure and reliable network for your business.